Tell Mama.jpgGreater Manchester has seen a 15% rise in anti-Muslim incidents and attacks over the last year, and this week, which also featured Holocaust Memorial Day, saw the Manchester launch of the UK’s first Anti-Hate National Youth Leadership Programme.

Backed by MP Andy Burnham, who said “The UK has no place for hatred of any type”, the programme, which supports young people to challenge, report and overcome hatred, intolerance and prejudice, is backed by Tell MAMA, the only anti-Muslim hate monitoring organisation in the country.

As Donald Trump fuels anti-Muslim issues in America, closer to home, in Greater Manchester, Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks) has received more than fifty reports of anti-Muslim incidents and attacks between January and November 2016, a 15% increase in street-based cases. The organisation also saw a spike in anti-Polish and racist incidents against African Caribbean women.

This week, Tell MAMA, the UK’s only anti-Muslim hate monitoring organisation, launched its National Youth Leadership programme in Manchester, the first of its kind in the country, which is designed to support young people in being confident and resilient enough to challenge, report and overcome hatred, intolerance and prejudice both online and offline.

The programme was launched at a conference that took place at the Manchester Central Convention Hall and brought together politicians, interested groups and hate crime victims who shared their experiences.

Speakers at the conference included Baroness Williams of Trafford and MP Andy Burnham who said “The UK has no place for hatred of any type…I believe we all have a responsibility to stand up to hatred in all its forms.”

Cabinet Minister and National Chairman of Tell Mama, Shahid Malik, added: “There can be no more important fight in our country than that against hatred and bigotry – it blights the life of far too many and it is crucial that young people play a key leadership role in this struggle.”

For further details see the Tell MAMA Facebook page or see the Tell MAMA website – click here.

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