‘Good Samaritans’ flagged down Muslim man then assaulted him

A Muslim driver was flagged down by people saying he had a flat tyre, then set upon with a glass bottle and called a ‘terrorist’.

'Good Samaritans' flagged down Muslim man then assaulted him

The man, targeted because he was wearing a prayer cap, slowed down and stopped his car, thinking that the group were doing him a favour when they shouted to him and pointed to the wheel.

But when he slowed down to look, they attacked him with a glass bottle, leaving him with injuries as he lifted his hand to protect his face and then blacked out.

The incident, in Greater Manchester on May 27, was ‘directly related to the Manchester terrorist bombings’, said Fiyaz Mughal from Tell MAMA.

The charity, which tracks and analyses anti-Muslim hate crimes in England, Wales and Scotland, has seen an increase in response to the terror attack on May 22.

Mr Mughal said there had been a sharp rise in abuse directed at Muslims following the attack at Manchester Arena, when bomber Salman Abedi killed 22 people.

‘It is part of the anti-Muslim spike (large spike) of hate crime incidents that are being reported into us.


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