Lockers of Muslim cops vandalized with hate messages in the Bronx, prompting internal probe


The lockers for two Muslim cops in the Bronx were vandalized with hate messages — including “F–k you, Muslim b—h,” police sources said Monday.

The discovery has prompted an internal probe, with investigators also trying to figure out if the same person is responsible for scrawling “F–k you,” “D–k” and penises on about two dozen other lockers, sources said.

The Internal Affiars Bureau is leading the investigation into the incident — which has been labeled a possible bias crime — assisted by the Hate Crime Task Force.

The graffiti was discovered Saturday night in the men’s locker room at Transit District 11, which is located near Yankee Stadium and covers five subway lines in the Bronx.

“Muslims” was written on one locker — just below the officer’s name on a “Police!! (cq) Don’t Move!” sticker, sources said.

“F–k You Muslim B—h” was scrawled on another locker, also just below the officer’s name on a duplicate of the same sticker, sources said.

A lieutenant tipped to the graffiti then found the other lockers that had been vandalized.

There are about 1,000 Muslim officers in the NYPD.

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