Latest breaking news on Islamophobia

The most important news about Islamophobia in the world.

Sayeeda Warsi on Tory Islamophobia: ‘It feels like I’m in an abusive relationship’

The Tories promised an investigation into anti-Muslim prejudice in the party – then watered it down. How high does the problem go? Disillusioned insiders – and the former party chair – speak out

Bristol anti-Islamophobia group aims to ‘demystify Muslims’

Hasina Khan, from the Tackling Islamophobia Working Group (TIWG) said it was “in some aspects the first opportunity for some to meet Muslims”.

Boris Johnson dismissed criticism of him calling Islamophobia a ‘natural reaction’ by saying people want to ‘drag out bits and pieces of what I have said’

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson responded to criticism of his own controversial comments about Islam by saying that “people are always going to drag out bits and pieces that I have written over the years.”

Islamophobic attacks mostly happen in public. Here’s what you can do if you see or experience it

Almost 600 online and offline Islamophobia incidents were recorded in the last four years. But this represents only the tip of the iceberg.

Islamophobia caused by lack of understanding: Syariah expert

Fear, caused by a lack of understanding of Islam, is one of the major causes of Islamophobia, according to an Islamic preacher and syariah expert.

Islamophobia poses ‘real danger’: German official Germany’s

Muslim community ‘not feeling safe enough’ amid growing far-right hate crimes, says integration minister

Twitter and Facebook are no longer safe for us, say prominent Arab activists

Social media companies’ policies have had ‘real life consequences’ for thousands of Arab users, activists say in open letter

Imam at the Stoke-on-Trent mosque where Usman Khan worshipped with his family as a boy condemns London Bridge attack and says terrorist was not part of the local Islamic community

Imam Abdul Qadir Hashmi has condemned London Bridge attacker Usman Khan

Ireland failing to tackle hate crime, say academics

Ireland is failing to meet its obligations to tackle hate crime, according to a report by Irish academics.

‘Medevac’ law: Australia denies medical evacuations for refugees

Australia has controversially repealed a law which allowed sick refugees held offshore to be treated in the country.

80% of global terror attacks’ victims are Muslims

Muslims continue to suffer from anti-Islamic discourses in the media, which are encouraged by politicians globally, leading them to become the real victims of terror

Fake News: Muslims Did NOT Attack Mall Christmas Tree

Did Muslim shoppers once more attack a Christmas tree in a shopping mall? No, that’s not true: every Christmas season the same video clip from Egypt resurfaces with the same or similar captions that claim “Muslims” or “refugees” are attacking or destroying the tree somewhere in Europe or the United States. Just like the tree itself, pointing out that the video actually shows people picking presents from the tree in an Egyptian mall has become something of a Christmas tradition for fact checkers.

Australia attack on pregnant woman highlights rising anti-Muslim hate

Victim Rana Haidar was attacked without provocation by a man in a Sydney cafe. The attacker was then apprehended by others nearby and arrested by police.

Poland Thwarts Planned Attacks on Muslims

Two members of an “extremist group” suspected of planning bomb and gun attacks on Muslims have been arrested in Poland, the security services announced Wednesday.

British Muslim leaders back Chief Rabbi’s attack on Jeremy Corbyn over anti-Semitism – but also call for action on Islamophobia in the Conservative Party

Muslim Council of Great Britain have pledged solidarity with Chief Rabbi Mirvis.

Palestinian right of return: The legal key to undoing the Zionist conquest

The Israeli conception of rights is not universal, but always particular, which is why Israel and the US are working to redefine who is and is not a refugee.

Has MBS Emerged Intact After His Crimes?

On the day Europe celebrates the armistice ending World War I, the question of how and when brutally destructive political acts can be forgiven or forgotten still haunts us.

Saudi Arabia: Categorizing feminism, atheism, homosexuality as crimes exposes the Kingdom’s dangerous intolerance

Responding to an official announcement and a promotional video published by Saudi Arabia’s state security agency which categorizes feminism, homosexuality and atheism as ‘extremist ideas’, Heba Morayef, Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Director, said: “The Saudi state security agency’s announcement which labels feminism, atheism and homosexuality as extremist ideas punishable by jail and flogging is outrageous – clearly contradicting the Kingdom’s bogus reformist image which Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman continues to flaunt internationally.

Mohammed bin Salman has learned nothing Prince

Mohammed bin Salman once touted grandiose plans to float shares of the state oil company on the London or New York stock exchange and raise $100 billion. This week, as the sale of shares in Saudi Aramco conclude, the results look more modest.

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