Latest breaking news on Islamophobia

01.01.20 – 25.01.20

The war on Muslims Mehdi

Hasan discusses the rise of global Islamophobia on The Ezra Klein Show.

Hackney councillors vote unanimously to adopt Islamophobia definition

Hackney councillors last night voted unanimously to adopt a new definition of Islamophobia that commits the Town Hall to speak out against the rise in racism against Muslims.

Calgary students battle Islamophobia during Islam Awareness

Week Students at Mount Royal University in Calgary are fighting Islamophobia by educating themselves and others about Islam.

Muslim girls are making fun of Islamophobia in viral TikTok videos

Muslim teens are using humor and TikTok to combat Islamophobia–and their videos are ascending them to TikTok stardom.

Guantanamo: An enduring symbol of US Islamophobia

To Muslim Americans, the military prison, now eighteen years old, is evidence of a skewed justice system based on the identity of the accused

Under Boris Johnson, Islamophobia will reach a sinister new level Suhaiymah

With the government’s plans – from immigration to counter-extremism – pandering to prejudice, Muslims will be unsafe

Europe has an Islamophobia problem. Who’s going to stop it?

It is time to acknowledge that Europe has an Islamophobia problem – perpetuated by a poorly regulated media and sustained by agenda-driven think-tanks – and to act on it, writes Magid Magid.

The “Islamophobia” Smear: A Conversation with Sarah Haider

There’s a growing taboo in our society around the religion of Islam.

Time to fight Islamophobia

Islam has suffered enough through the actions of divisive and intolerant people.

Saudi Arabia, Malaysia in fight against Islamophobia

Saudi Arabia is keen to work with Malaysia to provide a true picture of Islam in its fight against Islamophobia, radicalism and global extremism, said Saudi Ambassador to Malaysia Datuk Dr Mahmoud Hussien Saeed Qattan.

Taylor library hosting ‘Responding to Islamophobia’ panel discussion

There are roughly 3.5 million Muslims in the United States, and many of them call metropolitan Detroit home.

Will British Muslims face expulsion in post-Brexit Britain?

All eyes are on Brexit. When Britain finally leaves the European Union, what will happen to ethnic minorities and British Muslims?

Portland Woman Accused of Snatching Hijab Is Charged With Hate Crimes

Prosecutors said that the victim told the police she “no longer feels safe wearing a hijab in public and is relying on alternative methods to cover herself.”

Hate crimes in Los Angeles reach highest level since 2002, data show

Reports of hate crimes rose in Los Angeles for the fifth straight year in 2019, increasing 10.3% over the year before and reaching their highest level since 2002, according to data released Wednesday.

Israel, UAE and the hypocritical manipulation of religion

Palestinians and other Arabs are not interested in the promotion of ‘religious tolerance’ by highly intolerant regimes.

ADL Slams Trump for Islamophobia After Retweeting Fake Image of Pelosi in Hijab

‘The corrupted Dems trying their best to come to the Ayatollah’s rescue. #NancyPelosiFakeNews,’ the tweet read

Israel troops kill three Palestinians who crossed over from Gaza

Israeli troops on Tuesday shot dead three Palestinians who crossed into Israel from Gaza and hurled an explosive device at soldiers, the army said.

Lafayette man arrested for racial slur painted on Johnston Street hookah lounge

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, released a statement Jan. 15 calling on law enforcement to treat the incident as a hate crime.

French teenager in hiding after insulting Islam online

Police have told a French teenager to go into hiding after she received death threats for insulting Islam.

Islamaphobia the Untold Stories: Women share their experience of abuse

Muslim women gathered in Bradford today to tackle the discrimination which they say they encounter every day.

Quebec man charged in alleged online threats aimed at Trudeau, Muslims

The RCMP says a Quebec man has been charged in connection to alleged online threats made against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Muslim community.

Woman accused of hate crime after allegedly trying to choke a Muslim student with her headscarf

A 23-year-old Oregon woman has been charged with hate crimes after she allegedly attempted to choke a Muslim student with her headscarf.

Police didn’t prosecute man who hurled racist, Islamophobic abuse at taxi driver

Staffordshire Police have said they chose to offer a man who hurled disgusting racist and Islamophobic abuse at a taxi driver a “community resolution” – meaning that he had to write a letter of apology to his victim and pay his cab fare.

Applebee’s employee says she was fired after booting customer who made anti-Muslim remarks

The former supervisor is suing the chain, alleging she was fired from a New Jersey location after she ask a bar patron who made Islamophobic comments to leave.

Anti-Muslim protestors verbally attack children during the first Kentucky Muslim Day

Anti-Muslim protestors Muslim school children entering their bus during the first Kentucky Muslim state advocacy day in Frankfort.

Fla police officer suspended, put under probe, for ‘liking’ wife’s social media posts critical of Rashida Tlaib

A Florida officer with over 30 years in the Miami-Dade Police Department was suspended for ‘liking’ year-old Facebook comments critical of Rep. Rashida Tlaib.

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