Latest breaking news on Islamophobia

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07.02.2020 – 12.02.2020

Christian Preacher Gets Arrested For Spreading ‘Islamophobia’ And ‘Hate Speech’

He admitted that he had called Islam an “aberration,” but that he was expressing his Christian views, not denigrating Islam.

Palestinians’ Hopes Hang on Transformation of the World, Themselves

Islamophobia cuts across nations, regimes and ideologies.Collective expulsions of populations and “Guantanamist” exceptions are increasing. Politics has become condensed to war against terrorism that takes the good for the crimes of the bad.

Cinema Guild Nabs ‘Ghost Tropic’ for North America (Exclusive)  

Devos’s light touch with the issues of immigration, Islamophobia (the film takes place in the wake of the terrorist bombings that shook Brussels in 2016) and the gap between rich and poor, drew critical praise for Ghost Tropic.

Islamophobia threatens Turkish citizens in Europe

Rsing Islamophobia and xenophobia in Western Europe threatens the safety of Turkish citizens living there, Turkey’s deputy foreign minister said.

Authoritarianism and corruption in Saudi Arabia

Recent social and economic reforms that helped improve Saudi Arabia’s business environment and attract foreign investment came with a heavy human rights price tag.

Atrocities against Muslims: Leaked Documents in China

The detainees, from the province of Xinjiang, are treated to a strict “re-education” program that includes what one escapee described as horrific physical abuse, including forced organ removal, abortions and medical “experiments.”

French teenager’s anti-Islam rant reopens free speech debate

A French teenager has been taken out of school and placed with her family under police protection after a foul-mouthed rant against Islam on social media triggered death threats and revived debates over religion and freedom of expression.

Blasphemy ‘is no crime’, says Macron amid French girl’s anti-Islam row

Schoolgirl Mila received death threats after posting anti-religious diatribe on Instagram.

Iran Threatens Israel With ‘Crushing Response’ to Action Against Its Mideast Interests

Iranian officials accuse Israel of carrying out attacks against military forces in Syria that are allied with Tehran.

Israel’s propaganda war waged through TV shows

Netflix’s The Messiah is the latest popular TV show supporting Israel in its propaganda war against the Palestinians.

Wembley Mosque closed over dispute between committee and worshippers

In a Facebook post last week the mosque announced that no Jumu’ah prayers would be taking place and any trespassers would be reported to the police.

‘We don’t see our futures’: A resurgent refugee crisis in Greece

Tensions mount amid anti-refugee vigilantism, migrant-led protests and desperate government proposals to lower arrivals.


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