We live in a time of Islamophobia: Latest breaking news on Islamophobia

The police forced me to remove my hijab. I took them to court – and won

Many people have congratulated me on my victory – but what victory?

Islamophobia is holding Muslim women back in the workplace. Employers should be doing more

Nearly half of Muslim women say they have encountered discrimination in the workplace.

I was taught to stand up to Islamophobia as it’s just like the anti-Semitism I face

I was educated at a typical Jewish faith school. I sang Jewish prayers, learnt Hebrew and celebrated Jewish festivals. But what made it unique, and still does to this day, is that three quarters of the students are practicing Muslims.

Is The British Workplace Environment Racist?

It’s Thursday afternoon and *Mayah’s co-workers are heading out for a leaving party at a local bar.

Primary teacher banned from schools after he described Islam as ‘cancer of theworld’

Department of Education found 53-year-old made ‘sustained offensive posts promoting racial and religious hatred.

In a powerful new video protesting against extreme laws, Muslim women say ‘hands off our hijabs’

In the wake of a huge legal victory against police, civil rights organisation CAGE is launching a social media awareness campaign to support Muslim women.

Man banned from teaching after Islamophobic comments

He showed no remorse throughout the process.

The World’s First Hijab-Wearing Pro Wrestler, Nor ‘Phoenix’ Diana On Facing Life’s Toughest Blows

Lessons in grit from the gutsy 20-year-old wrestler celebrated both here and abroad

Why are mosques under attack in Europe? Why do the British fear Muslims?

Anti-Islam sentiment is growing in Europe, and Western media is responsible

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