Latest breaking news on Islamophobia

Islamophobia: Muslim women’s experiences in Scotland

Journalist Tasnim Nazeer was the victim of Islamophobia in Glasgow city centre when out shopping with her children. She was verbally abused by a man shouting anti-Muslim slurs, and only escaped unharmed thanks to the intervention of a passer-by.

Canada: Indian man fired for Islamophobic tweet

Indian expat in Ontario loses real estate job, school council role over hateful message against Muslims

Man Charged With Hate Crime in Suspected Arson at Islamic Center

Nicholas Proffitt pleaded guilty to a hate crime after throwing rocks at the Islamic center in Cape Girardeau, Mo., in 2009. Eleven years later he returned to set the building on fire, the police say.

We are all niqabis now: Coronavirus masks reveal hypocrisy of face covering bans

If Canadians, Americans and Europeans can get used to the new ubiquitous face masks, will they also get used to niqabs? Will discrimination against the few women in the West who wear it stop?

Federal agencies are doing little about the rise in anti-Asian hate

The CDC and DOJ worked to stop bias incidents and hate crimes following the SARS outbreak and the 9/11 terrorist attacks. No such plans have been released amid the coronavirus pandemic.

US: Activists decry threat against Muslim congressional candidate

Amani Al-Khatahtbeh is the first Muslim woman to run for federal office in the US state of New Jersey.

‘Zionists regime’s parasitic life at risk’: expert

On the occasion of Nakba Day, May 15 (an annual day of commemoration of the displacement that preceded and followed the Israeli Declaration of Independence in 1948), Mehr news conducted an interview with Iranian expert on West Asian Affairs and Secretary of the Political Commission of Society for the Defence of Palestinian Nation Ahmadreza Rouhollahzad to shed light on political, economic and social status quo of the regime in Tel Aviv 72 years after its formation in occupied lands.

Analysis: Annexation of Occupied Territory is a Crime

Israel is about to annex large swathes of the occupied West Bank, making the territory formally part of the Zionist state according to Israeli law. The millions of Palestinians living in the West Bank will continue to be denied the vote and even the most basic of human rights by the despotic Israeli regime.

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