Latest breaking news on Islamophobia


It's Time For Us To Loudly And Unapologetically Speak Out Against ...

CoronaJihad is Only the Latest Manifestation: Islamophobia in India has Been Years in the Making

“My mother has been asking me about detention centers,” my friend recently told me on the phone. “She has been very worried.”

Disinformation: The Spreading Of Islamophobia – Analysis

COVID-19-related disinformation campaigns designed to stoke Islamophobic sentiment are fuelling an uptick in hate attacks targeting Muslims in some countries. The unprecedented conditions created by the ongoing pandemic offer fresh opportunities for extremists to exploit, and require timely interventions.

Islamophobia: Muslim women’s experiences in Scotland

Journalist Tasnim Nazeer was the victim of Islamophobia in Glasgow city centre when out shopping with her children. She was verbally abused by a man shouting anti-Muslim slurs, and only escaped unharmed thanks to the intervention of a passer-by.

UK watchdog drops plan to probe Conservative Party Islamophobia

Anti-racism and Muslim groups slam decision by Equality and Human Rights Commission to abandon inquiry.

Investigation into Tory Islamophobia ruled out ‘at this stage’

The Equality and Human Rights Commission’s (EHRC) decision comes after the Tories published the terms of reference for an independent probe into discrimination and prejudice in December.

By enforcing face masks while burqas remain banned, France shows how Islamophobia informs policy

France was the first European country to implement a burqa ban

Islamophobia heard loud and clear in Canada’s adhan controversy

Cities exempting mosques from noise bylaws to allow the call to prayer during Ramadan have sparked a backlash in some quarters

Fake coronavirus news stories increase online Islamophobia, study finds

A new study warns the coronavirus crisis has fuelled online hate speech by racist and fascist groups and individuals which could lead to attacks against British Muslims after the lockdown.

Equalities watchdog drops plan for Tory Islamophobia inquiry

Conservative party commits to own investigation but UK’s largest Muslim body brands it a ‘facade’

Kingston mayor denounces Islamophobic social media post

When a social media account purporting to be based in Kingston posted an act of hate seemingly based in Islamophobia over the weekend, local leaders were quick to condemn the act publicly.

Will Israel finally answer to its crimes?

ICC report on jurisdiction over Palestinian territories is a welcome step

Arab League slams Israel’s West Bank annexation plans ‘a new war crime’

Arab countries condemned Israel’s plan to annex parts of the occupied West Bank as a “new war crime” against Palestinians, the Arab League said in a statement after a video conference of Arab foreign ministers on Thursday.

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