Hands off Jerusalem: Latest breaking news on Islamophobia

Coronavirus face masks can’t hide France’s Islamophobia

French laws against Muslim women with face-coverings stand in marked contrast to its pandemic policy. Is this a double standard?

Turkey condemns ‘pig’s head’ Islamophobia at mosque in Germany

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu on Monday condemned an attack on a mosque in Germany, calling it the latest example of rising racism and Islamophobia in Europe.

Islamophobia Is Worsening the Anxieties of the Lockdown

Muslims have been targeted in a spree of attacks across the country as misinformation against the community is being spread on social media platforms.

Anti-Islamophobia Community Organization #VigilantLove Uses Arts For Healing 

This grassroots organization fights Islamophobia with activism, art, and communal healing.

After Islamophobic Posts, Indian in New Zealand to Be Terminated as Judicial Officer

In an editorial note, a weekly diaspora newspaper expressed regret that cases of Islamophobic posts by the Indian diaspora had now reached the shores of New Zealand.

Infections, Islamophobia, and intensifying societal polarization

The coronavirus pandemic struck India at a moment when the country was more polarized than it has been in decades.

Now, Saudi University sacks Indian expat for Islamophobic posts

It is believed that the account was deleted after the protests became severe.

Right-wing UK minister under fire for ‘Islamophobic fake news’

Nadine Dorries on Thursday retweeted a far-right Twitter account known for Islamophobic misinformation.

‘Disturbing, Islamophobic’ tweet about call to prayer prompts firing of Peel school council chair

Social Sharing Facebook Twitter Email Reddit LinkedIn Ravi Hooda says his tweet was ‘misinterpreted’; has now also been fired from Remax Canada.

Norway pushes maximum sentence as trial of far-right mosque attacker wraps up

22-year-old Philip Manshaus faces up to 21 years in prison for killing his stepsister and storming Muslim house of worship.

Gunmen attack Afghanistan mosque killing many worshippers

At least seven killed as gunmen open fire on worshippers offering evening prayers at a mosque in Parwan province.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas ends security agreement with Israel and US

Declaration follows the creation of a new Israeli government which is officially contemplating annexation of some areas of the West Bank

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