Muslim lives matter: Latest breaking news on Islamophobia

Why does Islamophobia exist in Muslim-majority countries?

Growing Islamophobia is not just a phenomenon in Western Europe, in the Balkans where the continents largest number of Muslims are, it’s also a problem.

Indonesian Muslim scholars worried by Europe Islamophobia

West needs greater understanding of pluralism, says Muslim scholar, illustrating Islamophobia across world.

Ankara, EU can work against Islamophobia: Turkey

Turkey ready to support EU efforts to achieve equality for Muslims, other religious communities, says Turkish official.

Islamophobia: Telangana High Court Asks Hyderabad Police Why Mostly Muslims Booked For Violating Lockdown

‘Does it mean that there are no violators from other communities?’: Telangana High Court asks while hearing the PIL on Hyderabad Police’s Islamophobic approach during nationwide lockdown, cites example of US anti-racism protests

Turkey slams US international religious freedom report

Foreign Ministry spokesman says recently published report ‘written in language far from objectivity’.

Tennessee Newspaper Criticized for Stoking Hate Against Muslims After Publishing ‘Horrific’ Full Page Ad

Now, the paper said it is investigating the advertisement.

Belgium group criticizes high court’s headscarf opinion

Anti-Islamophobia association says Supreme Court opinion o contradicts human rights.

UN condemns police violence against black people

Human Rights Council resolution, passed unanimously, does not mention US or recent death of George Floyd in police custody

There is racism in Denmark: lawmaker

It is harder for people with Arabic-sounding names to get a job and dark-skinned people are profiled, says Pernille Skipper

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