Say No to Islamophobia: Latest News on Islamophobia

Dealing with Islamophobia: Tips for Parents and Youth – Practical ...

In the aftermath of George Floyd killing, an uneasy discussion about racism in Minnesota’s Muslim community Some “think of themselves as superior because of their skin color and class.”

American Muslims, Black and non-Black, are having raw conversations as they grapple with questions of racial equity, tensions and representation in their own faith communities

Why the UK government should not be allowed to define Islamophobia

A government that enshrines a double standard of suspicion against Islam in its legislation should not be trusted to protect this religion through a legal definition

There is racism in Denmark: lawmaker

It is harder for people with Arabic-sounding names to get a job and dark-skinned people are profiled, says Pernille SkipperSay No to Islamophobia: Latest News on Islamophobia

The economic reasoning behind Islamophobia

Therefore, in the hope that they can stop this inevitable shift, they are trying to create a barrier by nurturing the growth of Islamophobia

Boris Johnson’s Hidden History of Islamophobia

Iggy Ostanin unearths troubling new evidence of anti-Muslim racism in a rediscovered personal blog of Britain’s Prime Minister

Hundreds beaten, tortured in Yemen’s secret prisons: human rights group

A Yemeni rights group on Tuesday accused both sides in the country’s civil war of arbitrary detentions, forced disappearances and torture of hundreds of people in the past four years in unofficial detention centres across war-torn Yemen.

‘What I’ve been saying all along’: Officer suing SJPD for Islamophobia weighs in on new racism scandal

Muslim officer says recent accusations of racist behavior by San Jose colleagues fit with discrimination that prompted him to sue the department

Emirati royal slams Islamophobia in India

Princess al-Qasimi of Sharjah royal family said anti-Muslim remarks by Indians working in her country will not be tolerated

Danish far-right leader Paludan jailed for racism

Rasmus Paludan, head of Denmark’s far-right Stram Kurs (Hard Line) party, has been given a month in jail for a string of offences including racism

‘We gotta call out racism’: Milwaukee Muslim students lead march against police violence

Last spring, Milwaukee teenagers Dana Sharqawi and Sumaya Abdi organized protests after mass shootings at mosques in New Zealand

Israel’s Arab communities claim state turns blind eye to crimes Crimes

continue to take place in the Palestinian villages and towns of Israel, while the Israeli government fails to pursue them legally

Fresh complaint submitted to ICC over US-Israel war crimes in Palestine

The court has been asked to investigate senior Israeli and US officials, including Donald Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu, Mike Pompeo and Jared Kushner

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