The Islamophobia Industry

Три-Буш-три": есть ли в России исламофобия?": la_hiena_roja — LiveJournal

Islamophobia in the media

Covid-19 has highlighted more than ever the power of the media which, as an outlet of mass communication, has the potential to influence opinion both consciously and unconsciously. The media in any form can shape, confirm and deny our deepest convictions and suspicions. Taj Ali.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid under fire for ‘casual Islamophobia’

Primetime MSNBC host Joy Reid on Tuesday drew condemnation from Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) for how the host framed a question on her Monday night show.

Living closer to Muslims might be a cure for Islamophobia

A study of attitudes of Non-Muslims who live in proximity to Muslims in Sydney and Melbourne found they are less likely to mistrust Muslims and are more likely to be tolerant of difference.

Facts Over Fear Webinar Series: The Islamophobia Industry

A five-part webinar series exposing misinformation promoted by the anti-Muslim industry and providing concrete steps to being an effective ally to American Muslims. This is for especially important as we prepare for the November election, because research shows Islamophobia spikes around elections, as politicians and pundits exploit anti-Muslim sentiment for political gain.

People’s Alliance of New Brunswick dumps Memramcook-Tantramar candidate over Islamophobic tweet

The People’s Alliance of New Brunswick has dumped its candidate in the riding of Memramcook-Tantramar less than a week ahead of the election.

Media, stereotypes and Islamophobia

Dirilis: Ertugrul is also a move away from Arabisation of popular culture and narratives since the Zia era.

Only Thing Normalized Is Israeli Crimes against Palestinians: Iran’s Zarif

Iran once again slammed the United Arab Emirates for normalizing ties with the Israeli regime, regretting the only thing that has been normalized is the Tel Aviv regime’s continued acts of aggression against the Palestinians.

Sixth Hate Crime and Vandalism Incident at Masjid Toronto

The Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) issued a press release on July 30th calling on Toronto Police, local authorities and elected officials to take serious action to investigate and put an end to a series of sixth consecutive of vandalism attacks and acts of hate towards Masjid Toronto, located in downtown Toronto, all within a period of three months.

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