Rising Islamophobia

What Is Islam?

Turkey accuses France’s Macron of ‘sowing Islamophobia’ 

‘Scapegoating Islam, Muslims for failures of French Republic is far cry from rational policy,’ says Turkish spokesman

PM Trudeau condemns Islamophobia after threats to Toronto mosque

The National Council of Canadian Muslims says a downtown mosque received several violent emails on the weekend containing threats to kill Muslims and referenced two mosques in New Zealand where a gunman killed 51 people in 2019

Recycled Tropes and the Persistence of Islamophobia in American Films 

While the Bush administration manufactured Islamophobia, the Trump administration seeks to normalize it…

The Tories aren’t ashamed of their Islamophobia. They’re proud of it Nesrine Malik

A new report has opened the lid: for much of what the party dislikes, Muslims could not be a better scapegoat

Islamophobia in the US presidential election 

Biden is not an anti-Islamophobia candidate. Just take a look at Obama’s legacy

Former London borough mayor quits Labour over Islamophobia, racism 

The resignation of the UK’s first hijab-wearing mayor, and her leaving the main opposition Labour Party on grounds of racism and Islamophobia, highlight the prevalence of anti-Muslim sentiment across all British political parties, an interfaith expert told Arab News on Monday

Was Columbus’ Voyage to the “New World” Driven by Islamophobia? 

Popular views of the explorer see him as intrepid adventurer or bungling murderer. But he was also a religious crusader

Rising Islamophobia 

In the recently held 74th UNGA sessions, PM Imran Khan expressed his concerns over the ever-growing scourge of Islamophobia. He claimed that Muslims are increasingly falling victims to heinous crimes in various parts of the world. It is therefore evident that Islamophobic sentiment are continuously brewing in the West

‘Stop stigmatising us’, French Muslims tell Macron 

Critics hit out at president’s proposals to stem ‘separatism’, but some say divisive measures are a positive step.

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