Let’s Fight Islamophobia Together

The Cycle of Terror: On Islamophobia, Mental Illness and Terrorism | Muslim  Girl

UK: ‘One in four’ Muslims experience Islamophobia in Labour Party 

Report finds anti-Muslim sentiment within party ranks, with members and supporters called ‘terrorists’ and ‘foreigners’

‘Moved by Islamophobia’, Rajasthan youth applied for Islamic Studies MA in Kashmir, made history 

Shubham Yadav, 21, is the first non-Muslim and non-Kashmir resident to top the all-India entrance exam for a Master’s course in Islamic Studies at Central University of Kashmir

France’s Jean-Luc Melenchon Condemns Political Islamophobia 

French MP and presidential candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon decries “disguised” hatred against Muslims

Islamophobia disguised as secularism in France, opposition leader Melenchon says

Anti-Muslim hatred is being disguised as secularism in France, a French opposition leader said in criticism of the Emmanuel Macron-led government, which recently came under fire for policies against French Muslims

Racism, Islamophobia storm through Europe, entrenched in state institutions amid warnings 

Anti-Muslim hatred, racism, anti-Semitism and discrimination have become a serious problem in Europe, as a German study reveals structural problems in police forces, while a French politician accuses the government of hiding Islamophobia under the guise of secularism

More than one third of Muslim Labour members and supporters have witnessed Islamophobia in the party, report finds 

The report, conducted by the Labour Muslim Network (LMN), is set to be published this weekend and has been seen exclusively by ITV News

Muslims feel ‘alienated’ in France 

France’s relationship with its Muslim citizens is worsening in anti-Muslim atmosphere

Macron doesn’t need to insult Islam to defend free speech 

French PresidentEmmanuel Macron seems a worried man. He first proposed to reform Islam along French lines. Then after the vicious killing of a schoolteacher by a Muslim teenager, he extended France’s support to caricatures of the Prophet that most Muslims see as blasphemous

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