We will stop Islamophobia. Together!

Islamophobia is on rise like never before: Turkish FM 

‘We must be awake to dangerous rhetoric, actions, we should send clear message regarding our red lines,’ says Cavusoglu.

Islamophobia in the Labour and Conservative parties: when will this problem be taken seriously? 

More than a quarter of Muslim members and supporters of the Labour Party have experienced Islamophobia within the ranks of the party, a report from the Labour Muslim Network (LMN) claims. With some members or supporters being referred to as “terrorists” or “foreigners”, others have been accused of plotting to “takeover” the party. Some have even been subjected to stereotypes about “grooming gangs”.

France: Dissolving Anti-Discrimination Group Threatens Rights 

Government’s Misguided Move Part of Security Drift Endangering Liberties.

Turkish UNESCO commission meets for 70th anniversary 

Turkey wants to strengthen its role in international organizations, says Turkish deputy foreign minister.

Tackling racism in football: from silence to speaking out 

Data released this year has highlighted the not-so-beautiful side of the beautiful game – bringing to the forefront, yet again, deeply rooted racist behaviour and attitudes on and off the pitch.

Mosque terror attacks were a massacre by a thousand cuts 

The long-awaited Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Terrorist Attack on Christchurch Mosques​ is out, and some of its findings confirm what New Zealand Muslims have known for a long time: that the agencies responsible for national security grossly underestimated the threat of rising Islamophobia and repeatedly ignored the safety concerns of Muslims.

Only Muslim school in Paris closed down amid claims of Islamophobia 

France targets the capital’s only school catering to Muslims amid a wider crackdown on the country’s 4.5 million Muslim population.

AfD’s religious criticism is simply Muslim-bashing in disguise

Germany’s AfD party claims its critical attitude towards Islam is religious criticism and hence falls under the right to freedom of expression. Yet the party fails to back its claim with convincing arguments, writes social scientist Ulrich Paffrath from the Frankfurt-based Academy for Islam in Research and Society in this feature for Qantara.de

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