Islamophobia—the hate the state made

Turkey, Pakistan, Azerbaijan agree to stem Islamophobia 

Foreign ministers of 3 countries attend 2nd round of trilateral meeting in Islamabad

Issue of Islamophobia in Luxembourg 

The 2019 report, commissioned by the Observatory of Islamophobia in Luxembourg (OIL), said Islamophobia frequently goes unreported in the Grand Duchy, with just 7% of cases formally or informally reported

Islamophobia a form of racism  

ON Sept 17, 2015 at a campaign rally in New Hampshire, a man in the audience shouted to Donald Trump, “We have a problem in this country; it’s called Muslims”; Trump nodded, said “right” and “we need this question”

Islamophobia: Causes and consequences 

Islamophobia, a term expressed to depict fear of Islam is widely used to connote indiscriminate attitudes, beliefs and emotions directed towards Islam or Muslims

‘Turkey, Indonesia should unite against Islamophobia’ 

Turkish foreign minister stresses increased threats of Islamophobia, discrimination against Muslims

Muslim outreach group berated by woman on Islamophobia rant in Vancouver 

A local Muslim group trying to clear misconceptions and educate others about bigotry was confronted and verbally attacked by a woman over the weekend

We cannot recognize Israel: Pakistani leader 

‘Situation in Kashmir is exactly same situation in Palestine,’ says Imran Khan

Islamophobia—the hate the state made Being sworn at, reported and marginalised is treatment that Muslims are subjected to on a daily basis. Tomáš Tengely-Evans looks at how the state uses Islamophobia and how this affects the 

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