Standing with muslims: Top news over the past months

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Islamophobia? - Media Diversity Institute

French mosque vandalized with Islamophobic graffiti

French Muslim organizations on Tuesday strongly condemned vandalism of an under-construction mosque in Strasbourg with Islamophobic graffiti.

France: Protest in Paris over anti-Muslim draft law

Protesters gathered in Paris on Sunday to demonstrate against a proposed law that they said was discriminatory toward Muslims. The crowd gathered in the Trocadero Square against the bill dubbed Charter of Republican Values.

JAILED: Man threatened to kill Muslims, burn a mosque, and bomb council property during 999 call

A man who threatened to murder Muslims, burn down a mosque, and bomb local council buildings in Ebbw Vale, Wales, has been given a six-month prison sentence. 45-year-old Robert Armstrong had made the threats during a 999 call he made on November 24 last year, according to the South Wales Argus. He was remanded in custody last year.

Sweden: Arson attack targets Muslim children’s school

A fire broke out on Sunday at a private school in central Sweden where Muslim children are educated, said media reports.

Swiss ‘burka ban’ vote ‘regrettable’: UN rights office

The Swiss “burka ban” uses the law to dictate what women should wear and is problematic from a human rights perspective and “deeply regrettable,” the UN Human Rights office said Tuesday.

Canada: Muslim women targeted by repeated threats

Attacks and threats against five Somali-Canadian Muslim women have been reported in Edmonton, Alberta in the last 10 weeks, according to media reports Tuesday.

US police search suspect of ‘hate graffiti’ at mosque

Moorhead city police in the US state of Minnesota said they are seeking a suspect of a hate attack who left offensive graffiti on a mosque.

France to boost vigilance around Muslim worship places

France’s interior minister directed law enforcement agencies Sunday to step up vigilance around Muslim places of worship in the country and condemned the defacing of an Islamic center with hateful graffiti as “unacceptable.”

Group of men shouted abuse and threw stones towards mother and daughter in park

A mother and her daughter were walking through a local park in south London when a group of eight white men shouted anti-Muslim and Islamophobic slurs and threw stones at them.

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