It’s my choice. It’s my life – I am muslim

Getting the Most out of Journalism and Social Media: Islamophobia – Pedro  Bonilla

NYC Women Targeted in Anti-Muslim Attack Spree, 1 Suffers Broken Nose: Cops 

Both women had been walking with men at the times they were attacked. In both cases, the women appeared to be the targets of the beatings. One ended up with a fractured nose

Spain: Racist murder of Moroccan provokes outrage 

People across Spain are calling for more to be done to address racism in the country after the brutal murder of a Moroccan immigrant in the southern region of Murcia

Alberta NDP demands Jason Kenney apologize for federal niqab policy as he denies ever supporting it 

There’s a push to have Alberta Premier Jason Kenney join his former federal colleagues in apologizing for a controversial niqab policy that was introduced a decade ago

’Go back to Pakistan!’ New York parents harass Muslim student and family after graduation speech 

Graduations are a time for celebration, not only for those achieving the milestone but their family members and friends alike. But unfortunately, not all students are treated the same way or given the respect they deserve. Instead of being able to enjoy her high school graduation peacefully with her peers, a hijab-wearing Muslim student was subjected to harassment and boos from parents and peers alike.

‘It’s my choice. It’s my life’

It was, to many observers, just an ordinary campaign poster. Two women and two men, dressed in business casual, stood smiling in front of what looked like a park. Above their heads, in bold but cheery font, read the words “Different, but united for you!” in French.

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